Life in Bronxville

Bronxville or Bust!

MK O'Shaughnessy

Thursday, November 05, 2015

As a New Yorker for two decades, I was skeptical when my husband announced it was time to think about moving our family outside of the city. He was looking for a slower pace, with an environment more like the one we group up in as kids, climbing trees and playing games in the yard. Living within walking distance to Central Park worked for me, but I started looking at real estate outside of the city because I knew he had made up his mind about moving. That was over two years ago. Today, I can't believe we didn't make the move sooner.

Bronxville or Bust

Real estate in New York moves pretty fast, so it only took about two weeks to sell our apartment. We found a cozy little home in Bronxville right away. We were impressed by the high ratings of Bronxville schools, and the close proximity to Manhattan meant an easy commute to work. I have to admit that I also needed to know I could get to the city quickly if I got bored with small town life. I knew things were going to be different soon after the moving truck arrived into Bronxville. The trash collectors knocked on our door like we were long lost friends asking if they could send another truck to help us with the boxes.

Red Rover Red Rover, Send the S'Mores Right Over!

As a mother, it didn't take long to see the appeal of living in a small town. The kids made friends before the movers even got done unloading the truck.  Sometimes I watch them play in the front yard and I remember running across my own yard, thinking I was going to break through that Red Rover arm barrier, but not caring if I didn't. And as much as I still enjoy all that Manhattan has to offer, it is the last thing on my mind when the kids want to stay up late and make s'mores with their friends.

"Gated" Community

Everything I had heard about the suburbs told me that my kids were going to be stressed out and I was going to be bored. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bronxville reminds me so much of my own childhood that I've had time to reflect on the things that interested me when I was a kid. I've made new friends and am fortunate to be close enough to the city to see my old friends often. We have gates between the houses so we can visit the neighbor without even going to the sidewalk. The kids often bounce from house to house. Now, when I hear the term "gated community," I have to laugh because it means something completely different to me than it does everyone else. These gates aren't meant to keep people out.

Blooming in Bronxville

I can't say enough about how Bronxville has exceeded my expectations. I had this image in my mind of my children jumping from one scheduled event to another, with me reluctantly managing a Post-It covered calendar on the wall.  Sure, my kids are way busier than I was as a kid and we certainly do not sit down to family dinners as much as would like. But, most nights, my husband gets to come home to kids (sometimes ours, sometimes ours and the neighbor kids) who are happily jumping on the trampoline or playing football. I feel like I've stepped back in time and am busy enjoying watching my children create the same memories I did.